Service Details & Options

Weekend Special: For most weekends, we offer a weekend long rental period with a Friday delivery/Monday pickup schedule. This gives you the equipment all weekend long at no additional cost! Exceptions to this Special may be necessary when availability of equipment is an issue

Tents and Margarita Machines MUST be set up and broken down by our crew (set up and break down fees are included in the rental price). Therefore, delivery is mandatory. Someone must be at home to take delivery and allow the crew to place equipment. Once place, these items cannot be moved by the customer. Margarita machines require placement on house current not supporting a major appliance, in a protected location, and cannot be used with extension cords.

Set up and break down services (booked separately to provide for maximum flexibility for our customers) are available for all other equipment (tables, chairs, linens).

LINENS: We will order to your specifications with confirmed reservations of at least 2 weeks in advance. Specialty ordered linens are non-refundable/non-creditable if cancelled.

Cocktail/Café tables come disassembled and will be assembled by the crew at no cost at the time of delivery and disassembled upon pick up if access is provided by the customer.

Customer pickup/return – We offer the option for customers to pick up and return equipment instead of having us delivery/pick up to your location. Customer pick up/return is by appointment ONLY. Things to consider when making the election to pick up equipment yourself are the following:

  • All orders with tents or margarita machines are NOT ELIGIBLE for customer pickup.
  • Our warehouse is currently located in Santa Fe, Texas which is about an hour drive from the Sugar Land area, 35 minutes from Galveston and 35-45 minutes from Kemah.
  • Orders that include large items such as round tables must be picked up in vehicles with the appropriate support structures to secure the equipment properly.

Delivery Fees

  • There is a $50 rental minimum to qualify for delivery.
  • Our standard delivery fee is $65 for orders of $100 or more in our home base service area (see green area on the map below).
  • Delivery fees for small orders between $50 and $100 is only $35.
  • Delivery fees for the outlying service areas (see yellow area on the map below) is $95.
  • For weekend events which require delivery and pick up the same day, there will be a $30 additional charge
  • For delivery or pickup after 5 pm, there will be a $30 additional charge.
  • Delivery fees may be waived or discounted for large orders on a case by case basis.

Set Up / Break Down Fees

Chairs, Tables, and Linens are eligible for optional set up and break down by our staff. Fees for Set Up and Break Down are listed separately to allow our customers to select each service as fits their needs. This fee is optional. If it isn’t selected, the assumption will be that you plan to set up and break down the equipment yourself. All other equipment will be set up and broken down by our staff.

Margarita/Frozen Drink Machines – The margarita machine needs to be plugged into a circuit that does not support another major appliance (e.g., refrigerator) and cannot be used with an extension cord. Our team will set it up in the location of your choice and then it should not be moved. They will cover the tips for best operation with you at the time of delivery. Please pay close attention to those tips to get the best experience with the equipment. These are commercial grade machines and are not the ‘fill it and leave it completely unmonitored’ type of equipment. It takes about 45 minutes for a fresh batch to freeze adequately so you can plan for that set up period. 

We do not supply the liquor. Each ‘kit’ comes with one bottle of flavor concentrate and 50 cups. To preserve the color of the drink mixes, we suggest you use the clear or silver tequila for your mix. You will need 2 of the 1.75 liter bottle PER mix. The rental comes with ONE (1) kit. Additional kits may be purchased for $25.

SET UP: $1 each for chairs and linens; $2 each for tables round and rectangular tables

BREAK DOWN: $1 each for chairs and linens; $2 each for tables round and rectangular tables

Everything else we rent is set up and torn down free of charge.